Panthers News · Athletics During School COVID Closing

From Dr. David Hile, Superintendent:

I want to help everyone understand the decision to close school which I didn’t have time for last evening because I had to make the decision known to our parents and all of you so everyone could make arrangements for today.  We closed school because we have 6 staff members COVID+, 5 in quarantine as contacts (not necessarily contacts of other staff members), and 3 sick with symptoms and getting tested soon.  That’s 14 staff members currently out just for COVID related reasons.

Based on the information I have from the LCHD, none of these COVID+ cases originated in our schools, folks contracted them elsewhere, indeed, the LCHD tells us that specifically for each case.  Obviously, some of the quarantined contacts did occur in our buildings when positive folks came to school not knowing they were positive or having symptoms.  This means that what all of you are doing in our buildings, for the most part, is working to reduce the spread of the virus, but obviously we cannot prevent it all together and we never thought we could.  Hopefully this 2-week hiatus will give our ill folks the chance to get well and we can get the students back on Dec. 1.  We will assess this as we get closer to that date.

One question we are getting is, are sports canceled.  Right now, the answer is no.   We closed school because we have a lot of sick staff.  That is not currently the case with sports.  We got through a complete fall sports season very successfully.  When we have athletes test positive, which has been very few, we contact trace and identify what athletes need to be quarantined, which is LCHD guidance.